Professional Development

Become a certified DELF evaluator

certified seal graphicTo administer and evaluate the DELF scolaire language assessments, an official certificate  correcteur – éxaminateur DELF is required. The Centre DELF des divisions scolaires du Manitoba  organizes annual DELF evaluator training sessions.


Target Audience

Teachers of French as an additional language who want to:

  • administer and evaluate DELF scolaire language assessments.
  • help their students to prepare to meet the requirements of DELF scolaire language assessments..

Session Format

The training session (for levels A1 to B2) takes 24 hours in total, distributed over four days.

Session Content

Session participants will deepen their knowledge of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) to develop a common  CEFR-based understanding of language evaluation strategies and practices, and apply these understandings to meet the requirements of the DELF assessments.

  • Theoretical foundations of the CEFR and the DELF language assessments;
  • Presentation of DELF assessment tools, listening and reading tests, oral and written production assessments;
  • Conduct expected of DELF evaluators;
  • Exploration of DELF evaluation grids;
  • Case studies.

Upcoming Training Session

  • Examiner Training Session A1-B2
    Date TBA
  • Initial certification A1-B2
    date : April 29 to May 2, 2024
  • Please register with Carole Hébert at

Centre DELF des divisions scolaires du Manitoba